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5 Vadim - Canada 25-09-2018 01:07

This company goes above and beyond in helping immigrate in shortest and easiest possible way. I was successfully given study permit, study permit extension and work permit with the help of those people

5 Nasser Alkahtani - Saudi Arabia 18-09-2018 23:10

Thank you Yaser for all the hard work. You turned my life around in the best way possible.

5 Maria Slova - Canada 18-09-2018 23:06

CSA helped me find the right program and i have now started at bcit. Special thanks to Yaser! Wonderful team very friendly and professional.

5 Artem Bobrov - Russia 02-09-2018 23:41

I was almost robbed by TST agency, I already paid the tuition that was required, and then I was asked to pay more. I figured out that something is wrong and my studying in Canada could've been begin one year later. Yet I found City Service Agency where I knew how to get my money back, and also they helped me with choosing new better school and even they helped me to choose my program. Thanks a lot to Evgeniya, after 1 months working with her, I moved to Canada and began my journey at BCIT. I definitely

5 Cris John Dumalag - Philippines 02-05-2018 19:42

Your company is reliable and credible. You have been helping me to achieve my goals. Thank you.

5 Иван Дмитриевич - Canada 30-04-2018 20:13

Qualified and professional team makes things clear.
I came from Ukraine to get business education in BCIT. Despite the fact that immigration is complicated process I feel myself confident and well informed all the time. Thought, with their help, I chose the most suitable educational program, which has a flexible schedule and efficient result.
I'm extremely grateful for the assistance the staff has provided.

5 Maria K. - Ukraine 30-04-2018 14:25

I'm happy with a help, the team of this agency provided. Thank you for bringing me to Canada!

5 ruslan palyvoda - Canada 10-04-2018 19:29

Aliona was extremely helpful for me.
I have started really good academic program and found a good job thanks to her. I think, she is the best agent.

5 Raj Shama - Canada 10-04-2018 19:07

Professional and responsible. The company knows the job and is dedicated. Cheers!!!

5 Ivan - Canada 01-04-2018 02:00

Good people, good help, I like this company, helped a lot!

5 Matvei Karpenko - Canada 27-02-2018 14:28

Great service, good job, thanks for help a lot!

5 Olesia Kogut - Ukraine 11-10-2017 10:16

First of all, I want to say Thank you, agency helped me a lot, especially Alena. City service agency has been helped me to enroll to BCIT, helped with study permit and right now we are working on extension of my visa. I'm totally recommend City Service Agency !!!

5 Max Oproshchenko - Canada 11-10-2017 06:48

I spent a very good time to working with this company!
Employees have a very large experience in this field. I always got answers to the questions that bothered me. I knew that the solution of my question was in good hands, I was not worried about it. Highly recommend City Service Agency Ltd.
Thank you Alena and Sarah

5 Felipe Alves - Canada 11-10-2017 06:48

If I could I would give them a 6 stars haha. I'm not joking, the service was just amazing. Helped me in every step, explained, explained again and again. Every time I needed they assisted me accordingly. If you need any services regarding Visa, enrollment, all these "annoying" things, I couldn't recommend a better place :D.
P.S - Thanks Alena and CSA staff for all the help :)

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