Apply for Study in Canada

  1. It is better to book a Homestay in advance, because sometimes it is pretty hard to find accommodation without references from previous Canadian landlord.
  2. If you are a student under 19 years old, you must to have a custodian in Canada, otherwise Canadian Embassy refused you application to study permit.
  1. In order to apply for High School, you also need a Homestay and a Custodianship in order to be enrolled in the program.
  2. U-Path program allows you not to pass Toefl/IELTS and take some English courses in Canada and enter college without mentioned exams.

In order to check your identity, we need a PDF Scan, not photo of your passport.

In order to provide the best variant for your future study and meet the requirements of the prospective college, we need to have a proof of your academic background.

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