Online Account in a University or College

Administrator | 28 Sep 2017

Studying in Russian Universities, sometimes you realize that we lack modern technologies. In my time, I finished in 2012)) to obtain a tax statement or check a schedule of all the final exams I needed to go to University. At North America’s Universities, on this account, there is a very convenient and easy to use Online Account system. Each student after enrollment receives his ID number, under which he can enter to his account. Through this account, a student can get all the important information and make his schedule. In addition to the account, the student is given access with the same ID to the additional account system where the instructors post all learning info. Also, the student can submit his test and papers. There are also you can find the grades for your test, papers, and exams. All your grades strictly confidential and only your teacher and you can see it.

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