University Grading System

Administrator | 02 Oct 2017

Grades in Canadian Universities are given in alphabetical expressions, which correspond to percentages, for example:
  • A + starts at about 90%, A starts from 85%, A- from 80%
  • + 77%, B starts from 73%, B- 70%
  • + 67%, C 63%, C- 60%, D 50%
  • F 49 and below, which means
  • If you translate this system into Russian grading system, it turns out that 80-100 is "5"; 70% - 79% "4"; 60% - 69% roughly corresponds to the "3". In order to pass a course, it is enough to get D that is 50%, but there are some programs where there is a more strict grades passage where 50% is not enough. Usually, at the beginning of the semester, a teacher gives a student a course outline with the course content, where it is described, what papers and tests need to be done, and what is the maximum percent for every student paper, quizzes or examination. After passing all the assessments and exams, an instructor will give you a total percentage out of 100%.

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