What test to take TOEFL or IELTS?

Administrator | 02 Oct 2017

When we firmly decided that we want to enroll in the University, we begin to doubt what kind of exam we should prepare?) TOEFL or IELTS. These are two quite different tests, but they have the same structure, in both, there are reading, listening, speaking and writing parts. I tried to take both, and I cannot say that one is easier than another. I advise you to try to pass both tests first to determine which test is more comfortable for you and begin to prepare. If you quickly and efficiently type on a computer, then you will not have difficulty in writing part in TOEFL, since it is delivered electronically. IELTS test assignments are performed on a paper basis. If you are a big fan of American English, then it will be easier for you to perceive the listening part, in TOEFL. IELTS has all types of accents of British, American, Australian and Irish. As for the reading part, there are multiple choice answers in TOEFL that are not explicitly mentioned in the text. Sometimes you need to read between the lines and understand what an author wants to say. In IELTS, there are also questions with multiple choice answers, but in addition, there are other reading exercises, for example, you need to put the paragraphs in the correct order, etc. In my opinion, listening part in TOEFL is a bit more complicated, compare to IELTS, as during listening in TOEFL, you see questions and answers only after listening to the passage, while listening, you can make notes, what you think is important in your opinion. In IELTS, you can immediately see a list of questions and answers, which it's much easier, in my view, you can catch the necessary information on time in those parts of the audio record, where there are answers to the questions. In terms of speaking, in TOEFL you speak into a microphone, in IELTS you communicate directly with a person. The last section is writing, in the first part of the TOEFL you read a short passage, and then you listen to a small audio recording and answer the question. The second part of the writing has a question that can be on any topic. You need to state your point of view. IELTS also has two sections in writing part. In the first one, you need to describe the graphs or tables, if you have analytical thinking, then it will be easier for you to cope with such a task. In the second writing part is also an independent question. Also, want to say that one of the most crucial elements in both exams is your time; you have to be fast and efficient during the exams. Good luck!

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