University tuition fees

Administrator | 02 Oct 2017

The tuition fee is the payment for the year of study at a University or college. Some Universities and colleges have a deposit that is paid before a program start. This deposit is included in the cost of tuition. The payment (tuition) will depend on the number of courses that you take in the semester. Accordingly, the more courses you take, the higher will be your payment per semester. You may think that in this case, you can take fewer courses to pay less. Actually, you can but then consider that the length of your program will be longer. There are situations where a student wants to finish a University faster, and he takes more courses, but there are some restrictions, for example, at Capilano University (Vancouver), a student cannot take more than 5 courses per semester, because there is a probability that a student simply cannot cope with his burden. However, there are some exceptions, if you prove to your dean that you are a capable student, probably then the University will give you such an opportunity.

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